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Same Day Deliveries


Need a Scheduled Delivery, RFP or a Special
On-Demand Quote? Contact Countdown Couriers, Inc.

Countdown Couriers, Inc., provides local courier service for the pickup and delivery of your time sensitive packages. We get your shipments to their destination safely and on time. Our courier team is skilled and professional, and always ready to help you meet your deadlines with our computer dispatching and communication solutions.

Scheduled Deliveries

With Countdown Couriers, Inc., scheduled delivery service, we can take care of your packages that go to the same destination at the same time every day. Whether it’s bank deposits, warehouse sweeps, inter-office deliveries, Post Office runs or other daily needs, you can Count on Countdown. We are available to serve your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We are there when you need us.

Direct/Expedited Deliveries

Let us show you why so many have Counted on Countdown since 1967. Don’t let a missing document or a missing part stop your business – use Countdown’s Direct Delivery service to get your business back on track! Whatever your needs, we have the vehicles and the drivers to get your package delivered as fast as possible and get you back to business. In addition, we also offer Regular and Economy service options.

Legal Deliveries

Since 1967 Countdown has been serving the legal community. We do it all, from filing documents to setting hearings. If you have Courthouse delivery needs, you can Count on Countdown to deliver for you and your clients.

For Out-of-the-Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Customers

We are your delivery source even if you aren’t located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We handle numerous deliveries for out of town clients, everything from Court filings to delivery of cupcakes to a college student.

Same Day driving deliveries anywhere in Texas and surrounding States

If you have a delivery that has to be at a location in Texas or surrounding States and you can’t wait to have it go on an overnight courier, allow Countdown to help you get it there. We do numerous deliveries to cities such as Waco, Austin, Tyler and other locations where our driver picks the delivery up from you and gets it there immediately. For example if you have an oil well part that needs to get to the wellhead so you can get the well back up and running, call Countdown and we will have our drivers get it there immediately. Don’t wait and lose money because an item isn’t there ship it same day and get immediate results.

Miscellaneous Deliveries

New Personal Concierge Deliveries

For those special delivery needs, Countdown offers a Personal Concierge Service. We act as your personal concierge and pick up special items you may need, such as gifts, dry cleaning, food, flowers or other items you are just too busy to do yourself. It’s a premium service that only a provider like Countdown Couriers can offer. Call to see if our Personal Concierge Delivery Service is what you need. Let Countdown handle your special errands.

Medical Deliveries

Countdown Couriers, Inc., can provide on time, accurate same day delivery of your supplies, script, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, implants, X-rays, infusion technology and specimens. We handle Stat services as well as lab needs. Call to see if we can provide solutions for your medical delivery needs.

Part Deliveries

Countdown delivers a broad range of parts for different industries to fulfill those crucial same day jobs, so you or your driver isn’t idled because you don’t have the part. We serve numerous companies such as Appliance distributors, Medical device and implant companies, auto parts, oil well parts and office supply companies.

Premium Food & Beverage Deliveries

In today’s upscale Premium Food & Beverage industry, Countdown is a partner you can trust. We understand each Premium food & beverage vendor is different, and have different delivery needs dictated by the food and or beverage items they deliver. See why award-winning Premium Food & Beverage Vendors only use Countdown for their special food creations or special beverage deliveries whether it is cupcakes or that special pre-paid bottle of wine, to a full blown meal.

Notary Deliveries

Notary service is available please contact us for specific availability.